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Twin Labor

Twin labor is defined as the physiologic process of a natural multiple birth. This is the moment when the mother and the family see their babies for the first time. All arrangements should be made so that this special moment is safe both for the mother and the babies, and they receive the care of the best healthcare professionals.

During twin labor, occurs the expelling of the fetuses, fetal membranes, umbilical cord(s) and the placenta(s).

The term “multiple birth” refers to the birth of twins – two or more babies – and happens when several fetuses have origin in the same pregnancy.

Twins can be categorized as monozygotic or dizygotic. The monozygotic twins occur when a single fertilized egg splits into two after the conception. The incidence of monozygotic twins is constant in the world, with approximately four for every 1000 births. Dizygotic twins result from the fertilization and development of two different and independent eggs.

The majority of women with multiple fetuses have their babies before 37th week of gestation. The decision about the twin labor delivery depends on the position of the fetuses and how the pregnancy evolved over the months. Birth can occur by natural labor for both babies, natural labor followed by a caesarean or a multiple caesarean. A twin labor is very similar to a single fetus labor, when there is no additional risk for the mother and the babies.

Continuous care during a twin pregnancy is important because it allows predicting more precisely the date of birth and the most adequate way for the delivery. During the process of labor, women suffer from intense pain, which is intensified in a multiple birth. The uterus contractions cause visceral pain and the pressure of the baby causes somatic pain. Controlling the pain during labor means to control these two types of pain, through the administration of drugs and anesthesia. The regional anesthesia, called epidural is frequently used and allow for a partial or total block of the pain sensation, with various levels of movement block.

The experience of labor is remarkable for a woman. Bonding and trust between obstetrics healthcare professionals, the pregnant woman and her family are fundamental. The mother-to-be should be able to concentrate in the babies and trust those professionals around her in every stage of the labor, as well as before and after it.


Born with safety and comfort

The Obstetrics Units of Hospital Lusiadas Lisboa and Hospital Lusiadas Porto have experienced medical and nurse teams with proved skills and experience that strive everyday to give the best labor experience to their patients.

Medical Port teamed up with Hospitals Lusiadas Lisboa and Porto – both with international accreditation by Joint Commission International – to offer mothers-to-be the best delivery experience.

Giving birth to twins with anesthesia is one of the options where both the mother and the babies will have the best conditions of health, safety and comfort. If you would like to learn more information about twin labor with anesthesia contact us through email, by calling +351 220 973 751, +351 211 379 718, +351 911 046 197, or by filling out our form. You can also use our free call service to your right.

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