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    • Carpale-tunnel syndroom (Guyon Kanaal Syndroom)
    • Foraminectomie + Discectomie van de lumbale / rug schijf (hernia)
    • Knie Arthroscopie (kijkoperatie)
    • Meniscectomie en behandeling van knie (conventioneel of artroscopie)
    • Lumbale Fusie
    • Primaire Totale Heup Vervanging
    • Schouder Arthroscopie (kijkoperatie)
    • Behandeling van een Terugkerende Schouder Dislocatie
    • Totale Knie Vervanging
    • Schoudervervanging (prothese)
    • Revalidatie
    • Hernia behandeling
    • Klinische slapeloosheid
    • Behandeling van chronische pijn
    • Burnout
    • Piekprestaties
    • Overgewicht
    • Dermatologische problemen
    • Ondersteuning bij behandelingen van onvruchtbaarheid
    • Ondersteuning van bariatrische chirurgie
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Welcome to the Medical Port news page. Here you can stay updated on the latest Health and Medical Tourism related news.

Alzheimer’s Disease: hindering the onset of the condition

Many thoughts cross our mind when we think about ageing. When it comes to mental health, we are increasingly aware of the impact of Alzheimer’s disease for the patient and for his/her carers. Uncertainty makes us wonder what causes the disease and how can we prevent it. Understanding Alzheimer’s disease Alzheimer’s disease is the most common …

Meer informatie https://health-abroad.org/2018/10/09/alzheimers-disease-hindering-the-onset-of-the-condition/
Lifetime consequences of a stunning tan

In our minds, we always link summer to images of paradisiac beaches with tanned bodies composing such idyllic scenes. As the bathing season starts, we concern ourselves with getting that right golden brown tone. But how much do we worry about maintaining a healthy, young skin? High temperatures, higher risks Behind the sunny weather that warms …

Meer informatie https://health-abroad.org/2018/07/30/lifetime-consequences-of-a-stunning-tan/
World Travel Awards conquered by Portugal

Portugal has been mentioned as a leading destination for vacation in many articles and placed in the top of various rankings. This year, the World Travel Awards distinguished the country with several awards in different sections. Photo credits: Bengt Nyman Portugal conquering hearts 2018 is definitely the year of Portugal as an unmissable touristic place. World Travel …

Meer informatie https://health-abroad.org/2018/07/11/world-travel-awards-conquered-by-portugal/
World Parkinson’s Disease Day

  Understanding Parkinson’s Disease Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a long-term progressive disorder of the nervous system that affects movement. It develops when cells in a particular part of the brain stop working properly and are lost over the time. These brain cells produce dopamine which is used by the brain to control movement. Young adults …

Meer informatie https://health-abroad.org/2018/04/11/world-parkinsons-disease-day/
The importance of sleep for a healthy life

Contemporary society versus sleep The benefits of a good night sleep are well known nowadays. However, in the World Sleep Day – celebrated every 16th March -, specialists keep reminding us how our routines are contradicting this knowledge and harming our health, in many cases without realizing it. The pressure of work and the aim …

Meer informatie https://health-abroad.org/2018/03/23/the-importance-of-sleep-for-a-healthy-life/
Portugal: World’s Leading Destination

Portugal was the biggest winner at the latest World Travel Awards: the country was elected World’s Leading Destination. Lisbon got the award for the Best City Break Destination. It’s the first time that an European country wins such award. Among the 17 destinations running for this recognition were countries like Brazil, Greece, USA or the …

Meer informatie https://health-abroad.org/2017/12/13/portugal-worlds-leading-destination/
The future of health at the Web Summit

Medical Port visited the tech conference that brought people from all over the world to Lisbon. The future of health was among the topics discussed at the Web Summit. From alternative therapies to wearables, transplants and hybrid humans: a broad range of topics were discussed at the Web Summit. The possibility of ever achieving a …

Meer informatie https://health-abroad.org/2017/11/13/the-future-of-health-at-the-web-summit/
Lonely Planet: Portugal among the top destinations for 2018

The country comes third in the Lonely Planet ranking. This is just another of many international recognitions portraying Portugal as a desirable tourism destination. Already thinking about where to go next year? Lonely Planet, reknown worldwide for its travel guide books, places Portugal in third place in the top ten countries to visit next year. Last year, …

Meer informatie https://health-abroad.org/2017/10/25/lonely-planet-portugal-among-the-top-destinations-for-2018/
October: Breast cancer awareness month

Many countries mark October as the Breast Cancer Awareness month, with the aim to disseminate more information about the leading cancer among women, as well as promote an early detection. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women. Some risk factors have been identified but there are no specific causes leading to this condition. …

Meer informatie https://health-abroad.org/2017/10/03/october-breast-cancer-awareness-month/
Lisbon: Millennials find their new home

The UK newspaper “The Independent” explains why so many young professionals are calling Lisbon their new home, as the possibility to work remotely becomes more and more a reality. Warm, vibrant, “the new capital of cool”, as we have previously described Lisbon,  keeps on attracting more and more foreigners, both tourists and new residents. The expats mentioned …

Meer informatie https://health-abroad.org/2017/09/28/lisbon-millennials-find-their-new-home/
Surrogacy in Portugal – Part 2

Surrogacy is regulated in Portugal since August. While the country puts no restriction based on nationality, the process has multiple requirements and must always happen on a voluntary basis. For an introductory part and requirements for surrogacy, check Part 1 of this article. The process The process of surrogacy requires a previous authorization by the …

Meer informatie https://health-abroad.org/2017/09/15/surrogacy-in-portugal-part-2/
Surrogacy in Portugal – Part 1

Since August, Portugal is one of the few European countries to have legislation on surrogacy. In some countries like France, Italy or Spain, this process is forbidden, while the law varies among other European countries where it’s legal. Who is eligible? Heterosexual couples and lesbian couples. What are the main requirements? Surrogacy is only legal …

Meer informatie https://health-abroad.org/2017/09/13/surrogacy-in-portugal-part-1/
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